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What’s the meaning behind the name?

We think of Herophilus as the philosophical forebearer of our company’s approach. Herophilus was an Alexandrian physician (circa 300 BC) who pioneered the use of what we now call biophenotyping. He was the first to study the tissue and organs of cadavers to understand the etiology of disease. He was also the first to identify that nerves were distinct from blood vessels and tendons. As such, Herophilus was arguably the first neuroscientist as he was the first to prove that the brain, not the heart, was the seat of the intellect, revising the predominant view that held for two millennia since ancient Egypt.

Herophilus Announces Strategic Transaction with Genentech for Next Generation Drug Discovery Platform

11 September 2023 BUSINESSWIRE
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WSJ: Biotech Startups Use Models of Human Organs for Drug Discovery

20 April 2023
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Webinar featuring Herophilus CEO Saul Kato: Are Organoids the Future of Drug Discovery?

11 April 2023 Genetic Engineering News
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The Rett Syndrome Research Trust Funds Herophilus’ Rett Syndrome Lead Candidate Studies

26 January 2023 BUSINESSWIRE
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Herophilus Announces Results from Research Collaboration with Cerevel Therapeutics to Evaluate Novel Neuroimmune Modulating Therapeutic Strategies for Schizophrenia

24 January 2023 BUSINESSWIRE
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Herophilus presents the NICO model at the Keystone Conference on Phenotypic Drug Discovery

23 May 2022 Keystone Symposia
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Herophilus named in Fast Company World Changing Ideas 2022

4 May 2022 Fast Company
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Herophilus Appoints Industry Veteran Scott Saywell as Chief Business Officer

10 March 2022 BUSINESSWIRE
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Herophilus Publishes General Method for Detecting Relevant Signals in Machine Learning Analysis of Complex Biological Datasets

28 February 2022 BUSINESSWIRE
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Herophilus Appoints Brad Savall, Ph.D. as Vice President and Head of Chemistry as it Advances Pipeline of Novel Drugs for Complex Brain Diseases

24 January 2022 BUSINESSWIRE
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Cerevel Therapeutics and Herophilus Announce Collaboration to Evaluate Novel Neuroimmune Modulating Therapeutic Strategies for Schizophrenia

16 December 2021 GLOBENEWSWIRE
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Herophilus Expands Scientific Advisory Board With Appointment of Kenneth Kosik, M.D.

8 December 2021 BUSINESSWIRE
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